Onigiri test who is the big liar


Onigiri test who is the big liar

When dining with friends, test who is a big liar from a rice ball: Translation: When having a dinner with four friends, you thought of a “super spicy rice ball” idea.

Among the four rice balls, there is a rice ball filled with mustard sauce. The rule of the game is that everyone takes turns to eat one, and everyone must eat one.

Of the four, only you know which one is the wasabi rice ball. In order to lie to your friends, you put a flag on the rice ball to mislead everyone.

Among the five flags below, which one will you choose to place on the mustard rice ball?


Flag of the skull 2.

Question mark flag 3.

Flag with tongue out 4.

Smiley flag 5.

Analysis of the flag of the bomb: 1.

Choose the “flag of the skull”[Super Honest Person]You are simply the most honest and honest person in history!

You don’t like or are good at deceiving others, even knowing that telling the truth will hurt the other person, but you still won’t lie.

However, sometimes there are still some good-faith lies to tell, especially for those who are easy to notice. In order not to hurt the other person seriously, it is necessary to hide some facts selectively.


Choose “Flag of Question Mark”[Invincible Fart]You are a habitual liar!

In order to cater to and please others, they often lie without knowing it.

Although you are not malicious, listening to a third person’s ears will feel nauseous and disgusting.

Don’t you think it’s hypocritical to always slap someone’s ass?


Choose “Flag of Tongue”[No tricks on deceit]You are such a person who can hardly lie!

Anyone who sees the tongue pattern will think that the rice ball is spicy!

You may be deceiving from time to time, but most of them are harmless jokes, and your lying skills are not good enough, and you will soon be seen through, so it is not naive to hurt others.Pure people.


Choose “Smiley Flag”[Ace liar]You are a serious, professional-level ace liar. When you tell a lie, your expression and attitude are almost real, and no one can see the flaw.

Because every time you lie, you are quite successful, and often you will be dealt a considerable blow when you know the answer.

Although your deceiving technology is first-rate, don’t think that “deceiving the dead will not pay you” and bully the honest person!

Oh my god!


Choose the “flag of the bomb”[not too lazy to cause trouble]You are a person who seldom lied, which does not mean that you talk about lying to break through a lot or how honest you are, you just because you do n’t want to bring waste to the other party,Will not deceive others.

However, if it is a situation where the truth will cause trouble or interference, you will still be expedient and tell a beautiful little lie!