Detox Yoga points pretty race


Detox Yoga points pretty race

The temperature is gradually increasing, but the body is becoming more and more out of state.

Come home from work every day, why not take 5?
Practice these yoga asanas for 10 minutes. They can clear the poison of the body and the poison of the mind, so that you can feel refreshed from the inside to the heart!

  Essentials of the first type of King-style action: bend your right knee, tilt your left foot backward, bend your left lower leg, and insert it into your left elbow.

Inhale, slowly raise your right hand, and stretch your upper body backwards at the same time. The tension of the body extends from the waist to the shoulder blades; exhale, release your hands, and repeat the exercise on the other side.

  Efficacy: This action stretches the head, bones, and spine homogeneously. At the same time, it is also a good action for strengthening the spleen and stomach. It has a good regulating effect on the internal organs and kidneys.

  Essentials of Type 2 Lark-style movements: King Kong sitting position, with both hands supporting the ground forward, keep flexing the right leg, the right heel against the thigh root, and the left foot straight back.

Inhale, open your hands, extend back to a horizontal line, and feel the power to your fingertips.

Exhale, raise your knees, bend your upper body slowly backwards, lean your right back, and keep trying to stretch.

Relax and do the same in the opposite direction.

  Efficacy: This action can fully show the beautiful image of women.

At the same time, it promotes blood circulation throughout the body and enhances facial elasticity.

  Type 3 Lagoon-style movement essentials: Slightly, legs spread out, exhale, upper body leaning forward from hips, support the ground with both hands, forward, raise head, and maintain posture 3?
5 breaths.

  Efficacy: This action increases the blood supply to the upper body and head area, achieves the effects of improving sleep and nourishing the face, and has a good conditioning effect on hypertension and heart disease.

  Essentials of type 4 forward flexion: lengthen, the spine will naturally decrease, your legs will be the same width as your shoulders, and your hands will be placed between your body.

Inhale, hold your arms close to your ears, lift your head over the head, and drive the entire spine down, with your hands on the ground and folded, palms down, press under your feet, exhale, and extend the entire spine downwards indefinitely.

  Efficacy: It is beneficial to supplement and enhance the energy in the body, adjust and balance the energy of the pelvic and abdominal cavity through the meridians, and it is also the first action to eliminate swelling in the body and improve constipation.

  Essentials of Type 5 Plowing Action: Lie on your back, legs close together, inhale your legs straight up and lift up, gradually lift up, forward, with your toes falling to the right and rear, hold your hands forward while keeping your posture 5?
7 breaths.
Exhale and release your hand, then slowly fall back.

  Efficacy: This is a standard action for women’s self-care.

Blood flows naturally to the head, nourishes the face and scalp, and has a balance effect on the digestive system and endocrine system.

However, note that menstrual periods, spinal discomfort should be done with caution.

  Essentials of Type 6 Shoulder Stand: Lie on your back, on the basis of the plow, inhale your legs off the ground, tilt upwards, and maintain a posture of 5?
7 breaths.

Exhale back to the plough, then fall back slowly.

  Efficacy: Similar to the plough type, the blood flows back, helps the internal organs to recover their positions, nourishes the face, helps to remove acne, and improves the skin.

  Type 7 camel-style action essentials: sit with your legs crossed, support your waist, inhale to open the thorax, exhale and tilt your body backwards, push your hips forward, bend your arms to overlap and shrink to the distance, and look in the direction of your handsAnd keep 3?
5 breaths, inhale back to the body.

  Efficacy: Fractured spine, promote blood circulation, regulate gastrointestinal organs (kidney, liver, spleen, intestine), and regulate constipation.

  Essentials of Type 8 Serpentine Body Impressions: Prone, with both hands straight forward, inhale, leave the ground first, followed by the waist, a few, the top against the ground, the head perpendicular to the ground, the chin point, forwardExhale upwards, straighten your arms forward and backward.

  Attack effect: This action can best show the feminine figure of the woman, and at the same time make her lines stretch, which is conducive to firming facial skin and improving skin tone.

  Coach / Wang Yilin?

The beauty effect of Limeijian Tianyu Club varies from person to person, please consult the relevant professional institutions carefully before experience.

Picture / Coach Jiang Qimin’s heart talk 1.
The combination of detoxification, skin brightening and yoga has been the main point of rejuvenation of skin cells. When your mind enters the tranquil state of the environment, the emotions are immediately calmed down, relaxed, and the feeling of happiness sprang up. The inner selfShowing confidence and satisfaction, and confidence and satisfaction are the powerful driving force for the skin to rejuvenate, so adjusting the breath to the best state is the most important step in practicing this set of exercises.

  2.Although every movement of yoga requires total lightness, it does not mean that the spirit must also relax.
In the practice of overall movements, it is necessary to maintain the concentration of thoughts, maintain a complete awareness state, pay attention to your body, and each movement is no longer mechanically completed. When you are practicing, connect your mind and breath to help youThey are also more aware of the inner.

  3.Yoga is very about the concept of balance, so it is very important to practice right and left regardless of which posture you practice.

  4.It’s best to practice with soothing light music.

Put yourself in slow and melodious music, focus the power of your heart on your ears, and the inner pulsation will automatically adjust the rhythm and lead directly into the skin to relax, activate the kinetic energy of the cells, activate, repair damaged and aging cells, and let the skin inThe radiance of music was restored.