Simple and convenient contest between women and gold worshippers


Simple and convenient contest between women and gold worshippers

Recently, there is a new term in the news: “Simple and convenient for women”, they form a confrontation with “economically applicable men” and become ideal targets for home men to make friends and choose spouses.

“Simple and convenient woman” is also called “three no daughters”.

“Baidu a bit”, the introduction is as follows: First, do not tweak contrived, refreshing and simple, wash your face and pierce your hair and smirk in the mirror before going out; second, do not worship, can be self-reliant, well-fed, and pursue the concept of inexpensive shoppingThird, it is not complicated. The emotional experience is simple and uniform.

  If it weren’t for the “easy and convenient woman” being so “redefined” on the Internet, I don’t think any woman would want to call herself or be regarded as “easy and convenient” by others.

Because in a sense, “simple and convenient” means cheap.

Now, the reason why “simple and convenient” has been redefined, is regarded as “the latest standard of mate selection after the 80s”, and some people are rushing to check in. In fact, it is to distinguish themselves from the “golden worship”.

  ”Gold worship” has become a label attached to young women to some extent.

In the eyes of many people, “house, car, money, power” has become the most important “indicator” for too many contemporary women to choose a spouse.

Of course, many women have also proved this with their own practical actions, and many of them are independent intellectual women who have received high-quality higher education.

  In my opinion, there are not many “golden worship women” who have extremely exaggerated manners. They are magnified, but in the usual sense, the so-called “golden worship women” that may be encountered in daily life are actually pathetic and pathetic.

  Because no woman is not eager to get true love, nor are these women willing to ration themselves to unemotional banknotes or reinforced concrete.

They use the latter two as criteria for spouse selection, in fact, they are the second choice when courtship is impossible.

Although some people “want to cry in a BMW car rather than laugh on a bicycle”, I believe that if she really tried to laugh on a bicycle, she would never choose to cry in a BMW.

  In fact, the appearance of the “golden worship girl” reflects the distortion of some people’s changes.

The latest issue of the “New Weekly” published “The Land of Urgency” as its main cover report, saying that “Chinese people’s view of time has been accelerated three times in recent times, and it can no longer stop.

What we need is to watch the clock and plan our lives all the time: one step in place, both fame and fortune, married to the wealthy, rich overnight, retired at the age of 35 . “It is best to queue up.

If you can’t, you will wonder: Why do people line up faster than me?

  It looks as if Chinese are getting rich but not rich enough and unstable. Chinese nationals who “are rich in poverty” are still in the “primary stage” of pursuing wealth and chasing material life.

Tickets, houses, cars . Everyone is chasing after them, competing desperately, proving themselves desperately.

It is also in this context that the so-called “golden women” have spawned, and because there are so many “golden women”, it further exacerbates the pressure of men.

Exhausted by all kinds of pressures, “Simple and Convenient Woman” logically became “the latest standard for mate selection after the 80s.”

  Can banknotes wipe away tears?

I’m afraid not.

Recently, I read a report on Zheng Yuanjie in “Readers”, saying that when he started from scratch with a pen, he even made the “sofa” with a cloth pocket filled with broken sponges. Sitting in it was like getting stuck.same.

At that time, I was looking forward to getting rich, and then I drank, drunk, and drove in a big house.

So when “Fairy Tale Boy” became “Fairy Tale King”, Zheng Yuanjie really “showed off his wealth”: socks were made of sterling silver, and underwear was bought from a German brand . but it ‘s more money, but the days have not changed.
  Sterling silver socks do not absorb sweat; panties shrink to the size of a mask when they are watered, and then told that they can only dry clean; millions of brand-name fountain pens are not as good as ball-point pens for 3 yuan; buy an Audi and invite a grandpa back.
… Zheng Yuanjie finally figured out the positive relationship between wealth and mood: the less money you spend, the less you worry; the more money you spend, the more you worry!

You can only be happy if you are in a good mood, but you can’t buy money for a good mood or a comfortable day.

So he started to return to simplicity. The mobile phone stopped, and he wrote ballpoint pens that cost 3 yuan. He went to the supermarket to buy dozens and dozens of clothes, and picked the clothes to wear the rest . Of course, people like “Yuan Yuan Guan” like Zheng YuanjieNot much yet. For them, money can no longer satisfy themselves. What they are after is self-actualization and returning to life.

The former is the highest level of Maslow’s theory of needs, while the other is the highest level of Taoism, and it is very easy to reach.

  However, although we are not as rich as Zheng Yuanjie, but now that people have tasted the pain of “eat one and throw one,” why do we have to wait until we are rich enough to repeat the “Zheng Yuanjie style” mistake?

Why can’t we also have a “leap-forward development”, beyond this stage, from now on, it will be “simple and convenient”?