Foot care tips can reduce fatigue


Foot care tips can reduce fatigue

Guide: Don’t think that only facial care is important, in fact, foot care should not be perfunctory.

Your work has never been done. Your feet will feel tired after a day, and what you want to do is rest and relax your feet.

Today, I will teach you a complete and thorough foot care, so that you can create beautiful and beautiful feet in your home, 100% beautiful!

  Foot Health Record: The soles of the feet are focused on 52 reflex areas of the whole body, and the heart of the foot also has the Yongquan point, which is called the “healthy point”.

A survey by the American Foot Orthopaedic Association shows that 80% of women will feel foot strain and even pain.

  Think about it, can this situation be eased by just flushing it with water?

Both feet have to bear the weight of the whole body every day. They have to walk 5200 meters a day on average. All fatigue, stress, and tension will be reflected on the feet. Over time, a thick cuticle will accumulate on the soles of the feet.

  Complete foot care article: First, soak: The purpose of this step is to soften the foot skin first, which is convenient for later cleaning and care.

  1) Clean your foot skin with a natural bristle bristle brush.

The natural bristle brush helps to remove dirt from the heel, side of the foot, toes and instep, and thoroughly cleanses the foot.

  2) Pour Mu foot salt into the basin and soak your feet for 15 minutes.

Mu foot salt contains natural mineral salts and various trace elements, which can promote blood circulation, supplement skin nutrition, eliminate fatigue, and also help eliminate athlete’s foot and strengthen nail quality.

  Second, grinding: In addition to thoroughly removing dead skin on the feet, this step can also relieve stress through the effect of massage.

  1) Trim the toenails with scissors, and use nail files to trim the nails smoothly and neatly.

Rub the foot scrub with the palm of your hand, then apply it on your feet, then gently rub the toes, dead skin and horny skin of the toes, feet and soles, which can effectively remove dead skin and bleach the skin, leaving your feet cool and refreshed.
  2) File the seam with the foot file, nail the toes, and the dead skin of the toe, and then gently rub the hard skin of the heel with the grindstone.

(When needed) 3) Massage the entire foot with a foot massage gel, allowing the blood to circulate freely, descaling and sterilizing, and rejuvenating.