Intriguing raises: counterproductive employee motivation


Intriguing raises: counterproductive employee motivation

According to the company’s regulations, a certain period of each year, the supervisor will evaluate the work of subordinate employees.
It is accompanied by an opportunity to raise pay.
    What I found here is a very strange phenomenon: a small number of employees who have been paid are working harder as they have always been, even more desperately; but most of the employees, whether they have been paid or not, have a short period of time after thatInstead, work performance is reduced.
What’s more, very few employees voluntarily resigned.
  This phenomenon is very intriguing. Let’s take a look at what the company has paid in these events: Management and human resources department’s performance evaluation process resource consumption; some employees’ salary increase in cash consumption; management and staff interview managementcost.
  Why is the effect worse?
Just a few days ago I saw a little story: I have an old man who lives alone in a small village without relatives.
A group of naughty children always likes to harass the old man, and he slams the glass when he is fine. How can they not be quiet and honest.
So the old man summoned the children and told them: whoever broke my glass tomorrow, I will give him a reward of one dollar.
The next day, the glass was smashed.
The old man fulfilled his promise.
And said to the children: If anyone of you smashes my glass tomorrow, I will give him fifty cents as a reward.
The children complained, but of course they came again the next day and smashed them . the old man is still like the children, saying: whoever of you continue to come tomorrow, who broke the glass, I will give him one centAs a prize!
The children sniffled and dispersed.
Never hit the glass again.
  Let’s analyze the children’s psychology: It is fun to smash glass-> knowing that smashing glass can actually bring income-> psychological expectation is 1 US dollar per glass-> expressing dissatisfaction with lower income but still acceptable-> much lower心理预期,拒绝   因此,有几个问题:   你的员工把你交给他们的工作当成乐趣或者纯粹是获得稳定收入来源的手段?   Do you understand his psychological expectations?
What does he need?
  Does he fully realize that a raise is a reward for good people?
  I think of a little story in the Heroes of Shooting Eagle, which may be the end of it: Zhe Zhe, do n’t enter the account, thank you for the wine, and is about to raise a toast. Sang Kun cried, “How dare you, the little captain!Drinking with my golden cup?
Zhebei was shocked and angry, stopped drinking, and looked at Tiemu really wink.
Mongolian custom, preventing others from drinking is a great insult.
What’s more, how do you teach people to stand in the face of these people?
Temujin thought: “Looking at Yifu’s face, I asked Sang Kun again.
Now I bid farewell to Zhe: “Bring it, I am thirsty, give me a drink!”
“Received the gold cup from Zhebei and drank it with a drink on the neck.
Zhebie gave a glare to Sang Kun, striding out of the account.
Sang Kun yelled, “You’re back!
“Zhebei ignores it, heads up and went out.
  . When Tiemuzhen saw Zhebiewu’s self-satisfied face in the light of fire, he cried: “Bring wine!
“The attendant presented a large jug of wine.
Temujin raised the hip flask and said aloud, “Today we killed the barbarian, everyone is working hard.
“The soldiers will shout:” It was Wang Han sweat, Tiemu Zhenhan and Zhalu Hehan who led us to fight.
“Timaki said:” Today I saw a man who was particularly brave, rushed into the enemy’s army, and shot in and out three times.
Who killed dozens of enemies?
Cried the soldiers, “It’s the ten captain Zhe farewell!”
“Temujin said:” What ten captain?
It’s a centurion!”Everyone froze, then immediately understood, cheering:” Zhe don’t be a warrior, you can be a centurion.

“Rimi said to Temujin:” Bring my helmet! ”

“Lemmy put his hands up.

Hot metal took it, raised it in the air, and shouted, “This is the iron helmet I used to kill the enemy. Now I’m a wine glass for the warriors!

“Take off the jug lid, pour a jug of wine into the iron helmet, take a big sip, and pass it to Zhebei.

  Zhebei was grateful, kneeling on one knee, took a few sips, and whispered, “The gold cup inlaid with the world’s most precious gems is not as strong as the sweat helmet.

“Timmu smiled slightly, took back the iron armor and put it on his head.