Do you know how to treat the pillow yourself?



Do you know how to treat the pillow yourself?

Traditional Chinese medicine is caused by incorrect sleeping postures or awareness of feelings of wind evil while sleeping.

Don’t be nervous, this is a small problem that can be treated by yourself.

The method is as follows: 1.

Acupoints: Use your thumb to press Fengchi, Shoulder Well, Hegu Acupoint, each acupoint for half a minute.


Loose muscles: First, find the tenderness point in the initial stage, rub with your thumb on the tender point for about 1 minute, and then manually squeeze and pick up the shoulder muscles for about 2 minutes.


Activity mortality: Injury the muscles on the affected side with your fingers. Turn your head to the left and right, then raise your head and lower your head, and finally perform a circular motion.

When the pain turned to a certain angle, the finger was pressed and rubbed immediately, and the right side continued to rotate.


Hold the neck: Cross your fingers with your hands, hold the palms appropriately, squeeze the palms relatively hard, squeeze them up, and lift them up, repeat 10 times, and then use the palm to wipe the affected part 20 times.