[How does the pork crust make big bubbles?


]_How to fry_How to fry

[How does the pork crust make big bubbles?
]_How to fry_How to fry

Presumably most people have eaten meat clams, but the meat clams they eat in different places will be different. The plum meat clams are the most popular now. In addition, they include taro meat crusts, winter vegetables crust meats, and so on.Well, it can be said that it is full of flavor and flavor, but it is very difficult to make meat crusts. You need to master the complicated process and related tips. Then how to fry the meat crusts?

How does the scallops explode?
Use a thicker honey water or maltose on the surface of the skin, then add it to a high oil temperature oil pan, quickly cover the lid, the color is appropriate, return to the original soup and cook, Soak in the pot, so that the foam is more uniform and more delicious.

Method / Step 1. Select thick-skinned pork belly as the raw material. The meat must be cooked and the skin must be boiled soft.

2. Apply the colored material on the skin while it is still hot. There are two methods for coloring. One is using soy sauce, and the other is using glutinous rice wine juice. Both of them must be diluted with water.Black, too pale, and the grave can’t meet the requirements of jeering red.

3. The colored materials must be uniform and dried before they can be fried in the oil pan.

4. The temperature of the oil during the frying should be relatively high, but it should not be too high, too hot and easy to fry, and not too blistering.

It is best to fry the oil at 180-200 degrees, which is when the oil pan starts to fume.

5. When the pork skin is facing down, pay attention to prevent hot oil from splattering. (It can be covered with frying in time.) To prevent the pork skin from being put on the pan, add a spoon at the bottom of the pot.Just one click.

Needle fried meat frothing needs: Main ingredients: pork belly 700 grams, plums, 100 grams Method / steps Buy back fat and thin, skinned meat and green onions, star anise, allspice, soy sauce, rice wine and other ingredients

Shave the fur on the skin and poke some small holes, then boil most of the oil in the pot, then put these pieces of meat in the pot and fry them for about twelve. You can stop the fire in about three minutes and remove the meat to dry.

After the fried meat is cold, cut it into pieces, mix the appropriate amount of allspice, soy sauce, rice wine, add the ingredients for the meat, and put a spring onion (without cutting) into the prepared ingredients.Soak, finally take out the onion in the ingredients, squeeze the onion juice with your hands and rub it on the pieces of meat, so that you can put the meat with the ingredients in the pot and steam it.

After 4 to 5 minutes of steaming out of the pot.

Precautions Use a toothpick or other pointed object to make a lot of holes in the skin.